- “Would you recommend spaced repetition?”

- “Yes, I find it worthwhile.”

John Carmack AGI at Keen Technologies, former CTO Oculus VR, Founder Id Software and Armadillo Aerospace

Sergeant Drill

Generative learning for humans

“Sergeant Drill” is a Telegram bot that turns your study materials into bite-sized drills aka Anki flashcards and helps you learn faster. Way faster.

Its only job is to analyze the content you provide and generate drills, aka Anki cards, aka flashcards then help you memorize them. Sounds familiar? Great! That is how it should be. I wouldn't be surprised if many of you at least tried similar techique in school or university. Or, you know, everyday life. Raise your hand if you ever caught yourself reading and thinking - boy, how I wish I could keep this in my head - but you know you won't. Not unless you practice. Sadly, once you are out of school, deliberate practice is something you have to force yourself into.

Spaced repetition technique is well known and understood, but who among us has the time to sit down and create those flashcards? Certainly not for everything you'd like to learn or encounter during the day. Being able to present facts and figures on demand may mean the difference between winning an argument over dinner or staring down your plate in silent defeat.

Being able to recall on demand is a requirement for fluency in any field.

Much of the effort of learning goes into creating something that can be practiced and learnt. Plainly it's too much work. So, of course, we don't do it. We know how. We know, we should. Yet, we don't.

This is where Sergeant Drill comes in.

How ?

Sarge is incredibly simple to operate and absolutely everyone can do it.

Open up a chat with Sergeant Drill Bot and it'll tell you what to do and how to do it. But in a nutshell here's what you'll probably do:

  1. Share it with Sarge

  2. Wait for it

  3. Validate it

  4. Drill it

That's it. Simple, isn't it? Well, that's the idea. When its simple and readily available - it is a pleasure to learn. Makes it that much more likely that you'll stick with it.


Meet your esteemed LLM tutors

There's revolution brewing - no doubt about it. We hope our tutors will one day come "alive" and have their own peculiar traits and characteristics. It'll make the process more engaging and we think you'll like them. Great fun awaits.

  1. Sergeant Drill

    Quick'n easy to use - enough for most people. Uses a simpler large language model that's good enough to handle paragraphs and text snippets you wish to memorize. Simpleton - yet, it can handle scientific notation so you don't have to.

  2. Major Rehearsechaff

    Coming soon. Uses top of the line LLM. Takes comprehensive approach and generates drills from larger sources: entire PDFs and web pages. Great companion to full time students and compulsory learners.

Give us feedback

We can't wait for you to try Sergeant Drill and it is increadibly important for us to hear your feedback

Sarge has a command for that


Pick your tutor

Our pricing is simple and we hope affordable. You get some complimentary tokens that you can use to try and see if the service works for you. Sergeant Drill will send you a payment link after they run out. You get to keep your drills and sources even if you stop paying and switch to the free tier. Oh yeah, you'll be able to add drills manually and keep on drilling.


Go old school


  • Create drills manually
  • Enable Ai any time
Get started

Sergeant Drill

Perfect starting point


  • Will last you a month, or
  • A book worth of content
  • Store, vectorize, index sources
Get started

Major Rehearsechaff

the Devil of the Grind


  • Same as Sarge
  • More capable LLM
  • URL & PDF sources to drills
  • "Talk" to your sources

Upcoming features

We wanted for you to meet Sergeant Drill as soon as possible, so we opted to start small with a simple Telegram bot. There are a few interesting features that are in the works and we'll ship as soon as they are ready.

Terms & Caveats

A few things and caveats you should keep in mind. We use a large language model. Those aren't perfect. Some drills may turn out rubbish or repetitive - just filter them out and have the bot drop them. We hope there won't be that many. Even with a non-trivial percentage of such cards, it is still incomporably faster than doing it by hand. Another problem LLMs suffer from is hallucination. When there isn't enough context, they may try and generate nonsense that's not immediately recognisable as something false. I'd say chances of this happening and then falling through the cracks in your validation process are quite slim. Drill generation happens over the documents and messages you provide - that should give enough context to the model. Else, you'll certainly spot it. After all, you aren't learning random stuff from the web, you likely want to memorize something you just read. Even so, keep this in mind.

We do keep the learning materials you provide and the drills we generate on our servers. Else the service wouldn't work. After all our model needs context to produce those questions and answers, and we better be able to schedule them for you to repeat. Any materials you supply are already yours and you can download generated cards locally whenever you want. Sergeant Drill will tell you how if you ask it for /help. If you decide to wipe any trace of that data on our servers, you can do it with /reset.


Vlad K. –Hey there, I’m the person behind ‘Sergeant Drill’ and ‘Major Rehearsechaff.*

It is possible that generative AI will reshape and alter our entire reality. It may also kill us. Not much I can do there. I think, however, there are significant gains to be had by augmenting our every-day practices with a bit of gen AI. There's very real chance that all these models will remain just that - completion engines with access to the entire world of information and tacid knowledge built-in in the ways we can't quite comprehend or predict, but with little in the way of understanding, having goals, desires or any intelligence to speak of. The outcomes as mentioned not withstanding, we can put these tools to good use, and the best use for them immediately available to most anyone, is to keep doing what we have been doing, but do it better, faster, more effectively, more efficiently. I urge everyone to reflect on your practices and think how they can be improved.

I run a small AI-focused software consultancy in London at fullmeta.co.uk. If you're hiring developers I and a few of my software & ML engineers are available for contracts or full-time gigs.

I also launched git.ht, which made tech blogging as simple as creating a GitHub gist. You can read my hoots at vlad.git.ht

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* top marks if you recognize the anime that inspired the characters